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We are ready to take care of any problem that you may have with your plumbing systems. We know your time is valuable. That is why when you call, we will arrive when you need us with a skilled qualified plumbers and a well stocked van ready to troubleshoot, and repair your plumbing problem on the spot.


Below are just some of the services that we offer, if you don't find what you are looking for give us a call and we will do our very best to fulfill your every need.


-Leak repairs.

-Plumbing system design & installation

-Pipework repair and installation



-Under floor heating

-Boiler breakdowns & servicing

-Booster Pumps

-Leak detection.

-Backflow / anti-siphon devices.

-Forced air / hot water systems.

-Bathroom refurbishment

-Water filtration systems.

-Preventive maintenance.

-Water line repair / replace.

-Boiler installations

-Blocked drains

-Central heating design and installation

-Solar energy

-Air Source Heat Pumps




Boiler breakdowns


Boiler breakdowns - repaired, Gas appliance servicing, boilers, fires, cookers, water heaters etc, full central heating installations, system upgrades and boiler replacements are all carried out by our technicians.




Boiler Servicing:


Boiler servicing should be carried out on an annual basis. This will give the boiler a longer life span and makes sure the boiler is in a safe working condition. Listed below is work which will be carried out during an annual service:


Check for staining around boiler in case of any carbon monoxide spillage.

Check flame picture - this will tell us if the boiler has a healthy flame (blue).

Check all safety devices (i.e. thermo couple)

Remove case and combustion chamber and inspect for any signs of corrosion on main burner.

Check case seal for any defects.

Clean main burner and heat exchanger.

Check gas pressures and adjust if necessary.




Central Heating Faults and Repairs:


When called to a central heating fault which does not involve the boiler, we will carry out tests to rectify the problem.


We'll ask you what is happening to save time and money.

If there is a leak then we'll drain the central heating and repair the leak.

We'll check all electrical parts (i.e. pump, motorized valve, time clock, room thermo stat). If any of these are faulty and we are carrying the part, then with the customers permission we will replace the part. If we are not carrying the part we will locate from our supplier and replace the part at a convenient time.

Once faulty parts are replaced, we'll test the heating and give you a receipt.



Save money and protect the environment with Solar Energy... We provide & install Solar Water Heating systems for both domestic and commercial premises.




Switch to Solar Hot Water Heating and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint



It is claimed that a solar panel heating your solar hot water system will reduce your Carbon Dioxide output by between 1 and 2 Tons per year on an average sized solar water system.


Solar Water Heating is our FUTURE.




Air Source Heat Pumps


Heat pumps use renewable energy to heat a home and provide domestic hot water. It is an energy efficient alternative to traditional heating methods; the unit extracts ambient air from outside a home and transforms this in an electrically powered heat exchanger to achieve an energy output of up to five times that of the energy input (The 'COP' - Coefficient of Performance).


In addition to delivering a very low cost heating and hot water solution, the units have minimal carbon emissions of just 50% of traditional boilers and 30% of electric heating methods due to the use of free renewable energy. The units are easily installed, have low maintenance requirements, are kind to the environment and have a 20 year life expectancy.


Air source heat pumps can be easily linked with thermal solar power which will bring even greater savings of fuel and carbon emissions.







With our own fully trained and experienced, industrial & commercial heating technicians and staff, we offer a friendly, professional and caring service to all our customers for most types of gas and oil firing warm air heaters, boilers and heating systems, natural gas & propane firing radiant tube and plaque heating systems.


We offer an extensive range of industrial & commercial heating and associated services including:


- Service & maintenance agreements (for planned and preventative maintenance of both new and existing heating appliances and systems).


- Reactive service & maintenance (break downs and repairs) for most makes of heating appliances and systems.


- Design, supply & installations of new industrial and commercial heating appliances and systems for new and existing buildings.


- Replacement heaters, boilers and water heaters.


- Refurbishment of existing heating appliances and heating systems.


- Associated works & services including flues & flue systems, pipe work, tanks, cylinders, pumps, valves, water testing, water system sterilization & water treatments, etc.





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